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Veneers are often the secret behind stunning smiles. Are veneers right for you?

A beautiful, healthy-looking smile is something we all want. Not everyone is born with perfect teeth, though. Illness, decay, poor dental care, and trauma can all damage or discolor teeth.

If your smile isn’t all you want it to be, dental veneers may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Yuma dentist Dr. Sam Carroll offers high quality, natural-looking dental veneers to restore your smile.

What Can Veneers Fix?

Dental veneers can be used to correct a wide range of cosmetic dental problems. They can be used to cover damage such as chipped or cracked teeth, whether oral trauma or previous dental work caused damage. Veneers can improve the appearance of teeth that are uneven, too small, or crooked. They can also be used to fix gaps between your teeth.

Veneers are also an excellent solution to discolored or stained teeth. Some discoloration just can’t be fixed through any amount of whitening treatment, particularly when teeth are stained from tetracycline, a medication that can give teeth a grayish tint. Dental work such as root canals or large fillings can also cause the tooth to appear discolored. Veneers can cover these problems to give you beautiful, white, even teeth. They can be used on just one tooth, several teeth, or all of your teeth, depending on your treatment needs.

What Are Veneers?

Dental veneers are very thin sheets of tooth-colored material that are bonded directly to your natural teeth. They may be made of porcelain or of tooth-colored resin. Both materials offer pros and cons: porcelain veneers mimic the light-reflecting properties of natural teeth better and offer more stain resistance, while resin veneers can be made thinner, requiring less removal of your natural tooth material.

How Do I Get Veneers?

Properly customizing veneers is a multi-step process and will usually take approximately three appointments. During your initial consultation, you and Dr. Carroll will discuss your treatment options. Dr. Carroll will determine if veneers will provide the solution you desire and help you choose the treatment that will best serve your needs.

Once you have chosen to proceed with dental veneers, we will schedule an appointment to prepare your teeth. Dr. Carroll will remove a thin layer of the tooth enamel, giving the veneer somewhere to sit and ensuring it will look natural, not bulky or out of place. An impression will be made of your mouth to create a perfect fit for your veneers.

When the veneers are complete, our Yuma dental office will schedule your final fitting. During this appointment, we will check the fit of each veneer being placed and make adjustments as needed. Once the veneers look perfect, we will clean and lightly etch the area to be bonded, giving the surface the proper texture to ensure a good, strong bond. The bonding cement is applied and cured with a special light to harden quickly. Once any excess cement has been removed, you’re done and ready to show off your new smile!

Restore Your Smile Today With Dental Veneers

If you are interested in making over a less-than-perfect smile with dental veneers or have any questions about our cosmetic dentistry services, contact our office today to schedule an appointment!

aryan hooker
18:43 02 Jul 19
I have always had a great visit with Sam. He and the staff always make me feel at home and comfortable. I will always go to them for any dental work! I never had any problems with any work done and highly recommend Sam to anyone that I know! If you’re looking for a great, welcoming and caring dentist this is the place to go!
Gabriel Plaza
16:12 04 Apr 19
To my family and friends if you ever need dental work Sam Carroll is your Dr awesome staff customer service I highly recommend anybody to go to there office.... I am no fan of the dentist but Sam made it so easy I'll be back to my next appointment.....
Gabriel Plaza
16:12 04 Apr 19
To my family and friends if you ever need dental work Sam Carroll is your Dr awesome staff customer service I highly recommend anybody to go to there office.... I am no fan of the dentist but Sam made it so easy I'll be back to my next appointment.....
Allie Pelto
19:25 24 Mar 19
Amazing service! I was scheduled for a Friday (which is typically only an admin day) to be seen for a retainer casting. My schedule at work is restrictive and I let Natalie know that I wouldn't be able to pick the final product up for a couple of months due to my work schedule. She went above and beyond to hand deliver my retainer to me the same day it was casted with no extra charge!! You can't say that about many businesses, thanks so much Yuma Smiles, and a special thanks to Natalie.
Adrian Elder
01:22 16 Oct 18
Please allow me to give Dr. Carroll and everyone on his staff the highest of number of stars. I’ve never had and issue. If you ask me I think they’re super!!!
Lora Baker
19:31 09 May 18
" Very pleased with Dr. Carroll and professional staff! They took care of me all winter. I have referred several. The office is top notch; very very helpful. Wish I could bring them all back to Texas with me! I'll miss you guys! "Lora Baker
Audrianna Daniel
16:55 25 Jan 18
I had such a wonderful experiance at this office! Switching from another local dentist was the best decision I ever made. Shanel, the hygienist, was absolutely amazing and Dr. Carroll was incredibly down to earth and attentive to any questions or concerns. The whole staff is just awesome and I can't recommend this office enough!
Irene Peters
20:05 09 Dec 17
Dr. Carroll has state-of-the-art equipment and can do it all. I was able to get my new crown replaced on the same day with only the one visit. I've been going there for years and never had to wait past my appointment time. The office staff are all friendly, helpful, efficient, prompt, and make you feel at home and more importantly, comfortable. Dr. Carroll remembers details from prior visits and always follows up on them. A real bonus for me is that he has a way with giving the shots to numb your mouth without it hurting! I'm very grateful for the excellent care I get from Dr. Carroll and his staff.
Lucinda Fox
03:05 21 Jun 17
I have had an excellent experience with Dr. Carroll over the past -I have been with him since he started practice in Yuma. He and his staff have always treated me professionally and respectfully. I say 'had' because I just moved out of state and now I hope to find a new dentist as skilled as Dr. Carroll. My last visit was a highlight for me. He gave me a brand new, much improved smile by replacing my top front six teeth with crowns made by him on site. The change is amazing and I say "thank you Dr. Carroll!"
Carla Wolfe
00:59 14 Jun 17
I was terrified of the dentist from past bad experience. My daughter had a traumatic experience at a local dentist as well. We have both started seeing Dr. Carroll and have had the most comfortable, reassuring experience. They are kind, knowledgeable and patient!! Thank you Dr. Carroll and Staff!! Second visit - 2/4/16 - Deep Clean Procedure and a Wisdom tooth extraction - Again, I can't say enough about my visit. The staff from the moment you walk in the door are professional and friendly. My procedure was 99.5% pain free and the extraction was 100% pain free. I was given information every step of the way and was made to feel comfortable at all times. This is an office with compassion, caring and understanding. I highly recommend this practice. I can't say thank you enough for the positive experience and dental work. Thank you!!
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